BlogsElectric scooter companies see opportunities to grow from polluted cities in Southeast Asia

Electric scooter companies see opportunities to grow from polluted cities in Southeast Asia

Electric scooter companies see opportunities to grow from polluted cities in Southeast Asia

The polluted cities in Southeast Asia are extremely potential markets for Gogoro. Gogoro is one of the startups in the production of electric scooters. Gogoro start-up company is an electric scooter manufacturing company in Taiwan. The company’s products are geared towards the dusty streets of Southeast Asia. Because Southeast Asia is the ideal market to expand their overseas business.

On January 23, 2018, Horace Liu became the CEO of Gogoro. He told reporters that his company was preparing for the sale of electric scooters to the overseas market first. According to Liu, his company is also considering selling electric scooters in Manila, Philippines.

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“We have a lot of cities to choose from and we’re closing the list,” Liu said.

And Gogoro’s overseas expansion plans are having some problems. In the context of the company Gogoro is under increasing pressure to implement commitments to protect the environment. Gogoro has received support from Al Gore, the former vice president. Generation Investment Management – Gore’s investment fund. This is one of the organizations that contributed $ 300 million to Gogoro.

There are also other investors who contribute capital to Gogoro. Such as Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), Engie SA (France) and Temasek (Singapore). With those investments, the value of Gogoro’s company is $ 800 million, according to a company source.

“People around the world buy about 50 million motorcycles a year.” Many people are demanding to switch to gasoline-powered vehicles for electric vehicles, Luke said of the potential for overseas markets compared to Taiwan.

Gogoro electric scooter company has to solve the problem in order to expand the market abroad

After selling the first electric scooter for adults in Taiwan by 2015, Gogoro faces increasing challenges in the domestic market. Although the Taiwan government has set a target for the popular electric scooter in 2035 to protect the environment. However, the fierce competition among other electric scooters has made Gogoro’s sales slow, according to the Taipei Times.

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By 2015, Gogoro has built approximately 500 battery-changing stations throughout Taiwan to serve some 50,000 people using electric scooters. After all 21 electric vehicle manufacturers in Taiwan agreed on the type of battery they would use. And the government will build 3,000 battery replacement stations to serve their people.

In addition to selling electric vehicles in Taiwan, Gogoro also rents electric scooters in Paris and Berlin. The company will open a bicycle rental service on Ishigaki and Okinawa islands in Japan in the first quarter of this year.

“Our goal this year is to ensure that technology, products and operations are ready.” When everything is ready, we can sell cars and rent cars to many cities around the world. “Luke insisted.

Gogoro’s products are also more unique than their counterparts in the market. Because they are constantly improving and upgrading their products before selling to users. An electric scooter has the same mechanism as a regular motorcycle. By transmitting power directly to the rear wheel through the transmission system, not through the chain as other vehicles.

And the power for this electric scooter’s engine is from the battery of the electric scooter. The travel distance of the electric scooter will depend on the amount of energy contained in its battery.

Especially these electric scooters have a chassis system that folds when not moving. And users can store neatly in the trunk of the car for the convenience of carrying it on long trips.

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