Blogs, ReviewsTNE Electric Scooter Review. Best electric scooter for adults

TNE Electric Scooter Review. Best electric scooter for adults

TNE Electric Scooter Review

TNE SCOOTER products have the advantage of folding quickly with the easy-to-open up and down lock. In addition to the front shock reduction system to help you achieve a feeling of smoothness quickly after each obstacle. This is one of the best electric scooter for adults.

About TNE Scooter:

On the market today, TNE Scooter is a product that many experts and users appreciate. This electric scooter has outstanding features such as a top speed of 40 km / h, travel distance of up to 80 km and many additional features.

electric scooter for adults

Introducing TNE Scooter:

TNE Scooter 800W is a product of TNE Technology Company Limited. And TNE Technology Co., Ltd started to establish and operate in 2010. TNE mainly produces components to complete components such as lithium batteries, chargers, batteries, electric scooters … TNE’s products are increasingly popular in developed countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, UK, France … In addition to more than 50 countries other homes around the world. As a result, TNE’s products receive the trust and praise of most customers.

Electric Scooter TNE Scooter does not just own a powerful engine. TNE Scooter Scooter also can maintain high efficiency throughout the operation. This electric scooter will have three words that describe it as “faster – steady – strong”… The car can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h, withstanding the pressure of climbing up to 45 degrees.

electric scooter for adults

When driving a TNE Scooter, you can achieve 100% of torque immediately according to your needs. This electric scooter has a digital accelerator in sport mode and it can reach from 0 km / h to 60 km / h in 4.2 seconds. You can easily lead the race every time you use TNE Scooter.

In addition, the smart controller of the electric scooter can also control the speed and change according to the needs of the user. Some of the functions displayed on the control panel include: control functions, control switch settings to adjust wheel diameter, automatic pause time settings, on-screen display settings, boot mode and drive mode will be set, voltage level settings as well as the current limit condition conditions.

TNE Scooter has some outstanding technical features such as:

– oil shock absorber.
– Seamless welding structure.
– 10 inch tires.
– High capacity Lithium battery.
– Optional accessories included.
– Can fold in 3 seconds.

Features of the best electric scooter for adults:

In the above, you have to learn some general information about the TNE Scooter. And here are some key features of this product:

Firstly, the water-resistant function of the TNE Scooter’s electric scooter is water resistant, according to TNE.

electric scooter for adults

Second, the electric scooter for adults owns the central damping system. This suspension system will minimize and absorb the impact of road driving. Therefore, the electric scooter for adults can quickly return to normal status without affecting the operator.

Third, electric scooters have rear shock absorbers and brakes. And it is wrapped around the engine to increase dust and shock resistance. There is not even a noise when operating and saving energy well.

Fourth, intelligent LED speedometer, is produced according to Taiwan technology. The clock features speed, power, total travel distance, single display, accurate 3-gang transmission and perfect self-diagnostics.

Fifth, German high quality aluminum rods with super light, anti-wear and anti-slip properties.

Sixth, this electric scooter has blue LEDs, a headlamp and two lights in the rear that create a unique effect, especially when traveling at night.

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